Questions about Mail2L :

Technical support:
Easy and fast design of newsletter in HTML.
Today e-mail campaigns can include text, pictures, logos and rich media content, which enables a professional layout with a combination of text, tables and graphics. Traditionally, the design of a newsletter did require HTML knowledge. This is no longer the case. By using Mail2L you can design the newsletter as if you were using a Word Processor and Mail2L will make the HTML code for you.
Graphics shown instantly and correctly in all e-mail programs.
Graphics are embedded in the HTML code in such a way that they are shown instantly. In this way the receiver does not have to download graphics after obtaining the newsletter. The result is a more successful campaign with higher opening and click rates.
Direct upload of HTML
You can create the HTML in another program and let Mail2L do the mailing. You just upload the file to Mail2L. In that way you can continue to use your favourite design tool and still take advantage of the advanced Mail2L features.
Personalised newsletters
E-mail campaigns can be personalised by using merged fields from your database. The functionality allows you to merge the customer name or other information you may have stored in your database. Example: open up the dialog with "Dear John Smith" or merge the name of the sales representative in charge of the recipient "please contact regional manager Pat Brown".
Time Controlled Release
Send your newsletter at once or use a time controlled release. This unique feature, can be used in relation to vacations, offers only valid in a specific timeframe and similar situation. It enables you to prepare the newsletter, but send at a later scheduled time.
Automatic bounce mail system
Mail2L handles bounced mails automatically. The bounced mails will not end up in you inbox but in dedicated folders on the Mail2L server. The newsletter can be resend to those who did not receive it at the first trial due to filled up inbox, on vacation or missing connection to the mail server. Mail2L can also be set to automatically delete e-mail addresses which are no longer valid.
Connection to External database
If you have your own database with e-mail addresses, Mail2L can be connected to this in order to obtain the required data, such as e-mail addresses and customer names. The result is that you only have one database to maintain. Mail2L can easy be connected to databases such as MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and will even be able to update your database with information on invalid e-mail addresses.
Comprehensive tracking of campaigns
Mail2L provides comprehensive reports of your email campaigns. The reports contain information on your campaign performance. You can see how many receivers actually have clicked through to your website or product (using a specific link). Furthermore it is possible to define conversions, so that the effect in terms of sales generated by the campaign can be detected.
Avoiding the mass delivery filter
Mail2L handles the mailing process in a way, which minimizes the possibility of your campaign to end up in a spam filter.
Hosted solution - No software installation
Mail2L is hosted in our secure data center. Mail2L runs on a redundant array of servers and is 100% fault tolerant. The Mail2L system is under 24 hour surveillance. When using Mail2l you will have no software installation, and no impact on your own mail server and local network