Questions about Mail2L :

Technical support:
Is it possible to have several headers/footers?
Yes - there are no limits.
Do you need knowledge of HTML to use Mail2L?
No - Just type in the text and import in the pictures you want - and Mail2L will create the HTML code for you.
Can you attach a document such as a PDF file to the newsletter?
Yes, it is possible to attach any file.
Is it necessary to enter e-mails manually into Mail2L?
No - e-mails can either be uploaded from a file, or Mail2L can be integrated to your website, so that the update of e-mail registrations or cancellations happens automatically. You can also enter e-mail addresses one by one.
How many lists and e-mail addresses can Mail2L handle?
There are no restrictions on the amount of lists or e-mail addresses in Mail2L.
How fast can Mail2L deliver the e-mails?
Mail2L will use all available bandwidth to send your emails, and therefore the only restriction to sending emails through Mail2L is the size of your Internet connection and the response times to the mail-servers you are trying to reach. Some large clients have been able to send more than 600.000 emails per hour.
Can Mail2L return a receipt at delivery?
Yes, in the management interface you can see who has not received your message. In case not all messages are delivered, you get a list of failed recipients and can choose to resend the message.